fabric information + care instructions

We have done our best to describe the feel of the garment along with
providing dimensions to assist with deciding on your size. If you have any concerns don’t hesitate to get in touch, we will do our best to assist you.

Being that we use a natural fabric, shrinkage can cause small shifts
in the dimensions from bolt to bolt - this is a natural phenomenon and reminds us we are working natural textiles.
It keeps us humble.
Please know that there will be minor discrepancies with measurements - we have done our best to give you the most accurate information.

We shrink (cold wash + hot machine dry) our garments after sewing so as to provide you with a clean, stable and ready to wear garment.
This being said if your garment is washed in warm (or heaven forbid!) hot water and tossed in the dryer there is a good chance it will shrink even further.
(We hope that never happens - as it is always a sad day.)
This being said, when you receive your garment it is pre-shrunk.

garment care:

Always wash in cool water + either machine dry on cool or better yet, hang dry your garment.
If you choose to iron - be sure to mist your garment or take it out of the dryer just before it is fully dry and iron at that stage.

Dry + hot will shorten the life of your linen.

The more you wash your linen the softer and more beautiful it will become.
Washing by hand and hang drying will lengthen the life of your garment - but do not feel the need to be precious with your linen as it is a naturally durable fabric.