Clothing is Poetry.

Hello lovely ones.

Thank you for meandering through our new website and having taken the time to find yourselves here where I do a little more writing and a little more sharing than I might do on Instagram.

I am a diarist; I journal. I love to write and see words jump from the page - I do most of my writing in pencil, on paper. But as I take this new path with sharing on-line, my words are via keyboard where the words seem to bounce onto the screen - it is both different and the same.

I love the process of unfurling an idea, an emotion, a concept and see how I might be able to transpose it from the abstract to the oblique-concrete.
You, as the reader, can interpret as you please - I am merely employing symbols for your rational mind to toss about.
My end of the deal is to meet you half way - the rest is up to your imagination.

If you have made it this far - you must like words too.

All of the designs for MOSS GREY start as words. I am not one for drawing - which may seem like an incongruent way to design but that is how it works for me. The words are my visual rendition of the design.

I design in prose, then I sketch.
I illustrate the story.

But the story comes to life in the garment.

One could say each garment is a poem.
And just like a poem, it speaks to us in different ways.
MOSS GREY is designed with the intention that the wearer gives voice to the garment - and maybe, the garment then gives voice to the wearer.