Clothing is Poetry.

may 2019

Hello lovely ones.

Thank you for meandering through our new website and having taken the time to find yourselves here where I do a little more writing and a little more sharing than I might do on Instagram.

I am a diarist; I journal. I love to write and see words jump from the page - I do most of my writing in pencil, on paper. But as I take this new path with sharing on-line, my words are via keyboard where the words seem to bounce onto the screen - it is both different and the same.

I love the process of unfurling an idea, an emotion, a concept and see how I might be able to transpose it from the abstract to the oblique-concrete.
You, as the reader, can interpret as you please - I am merely employing symbols for your rational mind to toss about.
My end of the deal is to meet you half way - the rest is up to your imagination.

If you have made it this far - you must like words too.

All of the designs for MOSS GREY start as words. I am not one for drawing - which may seem like an incongruent way to design but that is how it works for me. The words are my visual rendition of the design.

I design in prose, then I sketch.
I illustrate the story.

But the story comes to life in the garment.

One could say each garment is a poem.
And just like a poem, it speaks to us in different ways.
MOSS GREY is designed with the intention that the wearer gives voice to the garment - and maybe, the garment then gives voice to the wearer.


june 2019

So much of my vision/dream for this website lays far beyond that of a simple retail platform - instead I wish for more of a creative platform where I share my thought, ideas, wares + inspirations.

I am not an island.

I am very blessed to be surrounded by a sea of creative individuals who inspire me and keep me moving forward even in my insecurities and fear. My vision was to share their talents, as their work is embedded in my own.

The Poetic Spirit is a huge part of my life - and those who reside closest to me possess such a philosphy. And some of my lovelies are indeed poets.

One such friend, is a poet.

A wordsmith.

A pragmatic dreamer with the wild alchemy of a Left Bank philosopher, ancient Druid, Surrealist and a Highland warrior left to pick up the pieces after Culloden who loves EDM.

I asked my friend to write some poetry about lichen, the natural world and let him run with it.